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Reasons to Book Sept -June Reasons to Book Sept -June 2010 October Winter in Alberta Mid October - Tee time cancelled at our home course in Alberta. But not in Arizona if you book arizonacanucks rentals and continue golfing. We have the changed the names to protect the innocent, but this picture is reality on the Prairies. 84928641 Jan.. 25, 2010 Arizona Winter 20C - sunshine and golf. Snow shovels not included in arizonacanucks rentals! 84928646 2010 May in Paradise (Alberta) Please cancel my tee time and book me in arizonacanucks rentals. Golf rates are reduced in AZ in May and you don't wait for the frost or snow for playable conditions. Bring out the shovel - again! 84928642 April 2010 Arizona Anuals are blooming! 30C and beautiful. Too bad about missing the snow and cold that will be around for another two months back in Canada. Do not try this at home. 84928645 May 5, 2010 Alberta Spring Why us? How about Arizona at 20C low and 30C high? May brings reduced arizonacanucks rental rates but it is like a Canadian summer! Snowblower or shorts and sandals in AZ. Is it me? 84928643 May 29, 2010 Alberta Spring Why not rent until June 1? No more frost, snow, or cool weather. May in AZ is still summer-like weather for Canadians and northern state Americans. Is it too late to put the snow tires back on? 84928644

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