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Christmas in Arizona Christmas in Arizona Gift Opening in the Desert XMAS decorations included with your rental. Why not escape the "dry cold" and enjoy a totally equipped rental in the "Valley of the Sun"? The kids love the warm weather and Santa in sandals. 113133407 Snacks on the Patio This doesn't look like December 26th in Canada or most of the United States? Looks like fun! 113133408 Christmas Eve Day Well it certainly isn't shovelling! Santa plays in golf shorts most years. 113133402 Christmas Birdie - Dec. 24th Nearly a hole-in-one. If only Santa had come a day earlier so this "chick" would have scored a hole-in-one. XMAS golf - awesome! 113133404 College Bowl Game December 27th Insight Bowl - exciting football, $25 tickets, and marching bands. Another reason to rent at Christmas. 113133405 Cactus at Christmas Hiking, golfing, barbecuing. All at Christmas time. Sorry - shovelling and snow chains not included. 113133406

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